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Lightening or faulty wiring can knock out your power at the most inconvenient time. Your family and home are too important to risk an electrical fire. If your power goes out or you smell burning wires, we can troubleshoot your problem and make emergency repairs.

We're a full service electrical contractor. The following highlights just a few of the services we routinely perform for homeowners.




We applaud do-it-your-selfers and builders of all skill levels. But we've seen too many dangerous mistakes when it comes to wiring. Whether you use us or someone else, please hire a licensed electrical contractor.​ We have experience with historic homes that have knob and tube and other wiring systems from the early 1900s such as Greenfield flexible conduit and BX armored cable. These systems are safe in their original form but can be seriously compromised by partial upgrades and modifications.


Ice storms, hurricanes, and severe thunderstorms frequently leave large numbers of Alamance County residences without power for extended time periods. Although loss of power is an inconvenience for anyone, it can be life threatening for elderly residents or those who depend on electrical medical equipment such as a CPAP machine. HES installs automatic backup power generators that will power your entire home in the event of an electrical outage.